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Acne is not fun for anyone. Even a little can cause embarrassment for some.  Over the years we have discovered some simple solutions:

1. For Acne that is mild we have found that washing your face with our Merino Lanolin Soap, patting dry and applying the Aloe Vera Gel - 97% twice a day works great. It is a simple solution at a very reasonable price.  At the first sign of a break out, apply our 97% pure aloe extract gel to the blemish.  This will help the blemish to dry up without drying your skin.  Also, use the gel on the rest of the face for a great light moisturizer.  Sometimes using harsh drying agents on oily skin can actually cause it to produce more oils, producing more blemishes...a viscous cycle.

2.   Our solution for more severe acne: Wash the face with Merino Lanolin Soap periodically use the Microdermabrasion Creme, periodically use the Lumie Mask (actually this can be used every day), and for moisturizing use the Aloe Vera Gel.  These products help to heal and repair the delicate facial tissue.  Within a week to one month you should experience terrific results. 

Please call us with any questions you may have regarding any of our suggestions. 1-888-663-7466 (toll free)


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