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Thank you for visiting our site! It’s been 25 years since I started using the Merino Lanolin Skin Cream. Growing up in California and spending most of my time out doors, I was plagued with “alligator-like” skin. Sunscreens were unknown to us for most of our life…I was lucky enough to have a “southern mother” who always told me to wear a hat and lipstick of course! I didn’t always listen and it was really hard for me to wear a hat while I was serving a tennis ball, up to bat, waterskiing, snow skiing, swimming, bodysurfing…etc.

I used all kinds of products to address the dry skin problem. One day a friend of mine gave me a jar of Merino Lanolin Skin Crème after a trip to New Zealand. I liked the smell, liked the feel…so I put it to the test! Shaved my legs and after bath applied it liberally on my legs and yes…the shaven bikini line (which was a huge problem…ingrown hairs no matter what I tried…and being at the beach on a regular basis…a problem…you get the drift). I was blown away at how this product felt, but was ready to see my scales return to the surface of my skin in about an hour. An hour passed, 6 hours past…25 years later, I’ve never had those scales again! I’d say close to a miracle. Also, the ingrown hairs…never again. This of course blew me away and the rest is more of a long story…but Merino Skin Care USA evolved.

From Diabetics to burn patients to those with just dry skin, Merino has helped 1000’s of individuals not only across the USA, but the world as well. If you know some one with Eczema, Diabetic Foot concerns, Cancer patients undergoing procedures, those on dialysis, folks with Skin Cancer concerns, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Burns, Scars and Amputations...Dry Skin, please give us a call. We are very happy to send samples to let you see for yourself the incredible effectiveness of our products.

We have brought on many other Merino Products, as well as other complimentary products we have discovered over the years. We do not include products unless they have been tested and determined by us to be excellent!

If you have a specific skin concern and would like to speak with one of us, please never hesitate to call 480-503-3226.

God bless you and take good care, Judy and Merino Skin Care USA


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